My review of "Room"

— feeling confused
Room - Emma Donoghue

Room by Emma Donoghue


I personally was expecting a lot out of this book, the plot (before i read it) sounded so interesting! I mean how could it not? it was about a boy who never left this one room. i thought how is this possible? Why is he trapped in a room? Why this room? etc.. 

But i was a little "let down" with this book. 

It still had a great story line

It was beautifully written (Emma Donoghue has amazingly captured the view and writing of a 5 year old) The writing style was probably my favourite part of this book.

It was just missing something, nothing really happened to "Capture" you in this book and i found towards the end it got a little boring and slowly dragged out.


Im not saying i didn't like this book, I did like it. its just not a book i could Rave about and it isn't a book id tell people to rush out and buy. 

Can't wait to see the movie though